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Rabu, 24 April 2019

5 Hidden Traps in the Meeting

People who face meetings with some risks are victims of traps, here and how to avoid them ...

If you've gone through a number of bad meetings, you need to experience the next trap ...

Here they are and how to fix it ...

1. People think they are experts.

Many people told me that they knew how to organize a meeting. They just organized a party, invited guests, offered treats and led the conversation with people talking to eat. nobody implemented.

What to do.
Learn how to run meetings on a specific schedule so that the results are really important.
Employment A facilitator knows that there are modern tools that help people progress methodically towards results.
this tool is convenient and easy to use, of course, you have to use it and if you do not know it, contact your boss for more details ...

2. People think they inspire.
Many people believe that ads impress others. In fact, the opposite is true. Long lectures quickly become boring (and sometimes offensive) challenges. Why? Most employees want to play an active role in the company and listening to a speech is a waste of time.
What should be done: Design a meeting to give participants the opportunity to contribute. Plan questions that guide thinking toward the desired results. Use activities that help people make decisions. Share ads as letters, memos, or emails. Or, if you have to use a meeting, make a short announcement (less than a few minutes).

3. People think others agree with them.
Many people rely on nods, smiles and eye contact to measure their acceptance. In fact, most employees will do everything to calm the boss.
And if the boss looks upset, the employees will be more pleasant. Then, at the end of the meeting, the employee will do one of three things: 1) forget the conference, 2) ignore the message or 3) sabotage the idea.
What to do: Meet a process that everyone considers fair. Use consensus to reach agreement and make decisions. People will accept the decisions they help to make.

4) People consider others to be clairvoyant.

Many people hold meetings without agendas and expect everyone to share their vision of what needs to be done. In fact, everyone brings their personal hopes, fears and visions to the meeting. Without a clear agenda, the result is a compromise between chat and chaos, depending on the complexity of the problem.

Note: An obscure calendar, like a list of topics, is almost as useless as there is none.
What to do: Write your goals for the meeting. Then prepare an agenda so complete that other people can use it to organize meetings without you. Determine each step and give a time budget. Send the agenda at least one day before the meeting so that participants can use it to prepare. Call key participants before the meeting to check if they have questions or wish to discuss the agenda.

5. People think the meeting is necessary.
Many people respond to every emergency, surprise or tremor by calling a meeting. In reality, meetings are a special (and expensive) process. This should only be used to obtain results that require the efforts of a group of people working in a team. Meetings are NOT universal medicines for all. Meetings take place for the wrong reasons, wasting everyone's time.

What to do: Challenge each meeting because of its ability to generate profits for your business. In other words, make sure that the value of the results is greater than the cost of the meeting. If there are other activities that can achieve the same results, use other activities.

Well, that's how many 5 hidden traps in the meeting are explained. I hope we can understand and understand well

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