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Accounting Career

Accountants play an important role in many aspects of a company's finances. In general, they balance accounting, pay costs and profits, execute payment lists, pay taxes and invoices, and issue financial reports to external organizations. Although this may appear as a direct task, accountants must be smart in protocols and regulations to avoid scandals, which result in costly fines and broken results.

Accountants play an important role in many aspects of a company's finances. In general, they balance accounting, record costs and profits, execute payroll, pay taxes and invoices and issue financial reports to external organizations. While this may seem like a direct task, accountants must be smart in protocols and regulations to avoid scandals, resulting in costly fines and a damaged reputation. However, the accounting industry ran out of breath after changing the calculators to spit out paper and accounting sheets for a sophisticated accounting software. Career Accountants now have the opportunity to use consulting staff, spend less time counting the numbers and more time as regional financial language translators for the administration sector.

This new hat is also equipped with new clothes. Employers are now looking for accounting applicants who are not only mathematical and detail-oriented, but also have analytical thinking skills that allow them to find and solve problems. However, even the best solutions do not make sense if they can not be communicated to the members who can implement them. Therefore, strong verbal and written communication skills are important qualifications for a modern accounting position. Bachelor's degrees in finance, business or information systems administration (MIS) are considered as appropriate training by employers for the technical, analytical and communication skills necessary to succeed at entry-level positions. However, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants requires 150 hours of college education, thirty hours more than a four-year degree, before being eligible for the CPA exam. For those who begin the path of career audit and internal management accounting, there is an Internal Auditor or Institute of Management Accountants, which issues the certification required by several entrepreneurs. The qualifications for bookkeeping positions are much more lenient, as they offer positions to high school graduates, holders of associate degrees or people with degrees in unrelated fields. In particular, this position is often more tedious and offers less compensation.

Optimally, there are several accounting lines in the industry that analyze the various interests and training of accountants: public accountants, internal accounting, internal auditors, management accountants, government accountants, bookkeepers and audit employees, and independent . Public accountants who perform financial reports of the company and external audits, which make financial records available to the government and the public. Accountants enjoy enjoying their work because they are necessary for small and large companies. Internal accountants manage budgets, manage assets and payroll, track payments and manage other financial problems. Internal auditors and management accountants consider more internal functions when updating the accounting system for administrative errors, enforcing regulations, streamlining processes, advising on important decisions and strategic planning. Government accountants are financial institutions that raise funds and institutions that are spent in accordance with the law. Accounting officers and audit officers carry out the task of entering data into the company's financial records storage system. However, once you get your CPA, the attraction of being an entrepreneur is gaining strength because many companies that receive consulting sessions and jobs collect taxes depending on the contracts.

Regardless of that position, a career in accounting offers many opportunities to increase after setting foot, and now the door is open. After a series of industrial scandals, companies are anxiously looking for ethical applicants to occupy forensic positions to rebuild the trust of their clients. The public accounting sector also has many positions available in audits and taxes. Accounting Career Opportunities are located primarily in the health care and manufacturing industries, but the Big Four Accounting Office (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers) are always looking for children with bright eyes to occupy difficult positions instead of big names to print on the resume.

The four major accounting firms offer starting salaries that are far from being in a bad state at mid-$ 30,000 to $ 40,000 for entry-level accounting employees that quickly increase from $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 after reaching seniority status . Administrative accountants earn between $ 60,000 and $ 70,000 a year and members generally earn more than $ 120,000. Although smaller companies may offer slightly lower wages, it is generally projected that wages will continue to rise in the industry in the coming years.


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