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Rabu, 24 April 2019

Global warming

If you think too much about global warming, you can begin to make yourself sick of worries. Apparently, it doesn't exist - at least, not in the form that we know and have grown to love. Talking about global warming is almost as frightening as the actual event itself.

but if allowed, I will tell you why there is no global warming

1. The earth has warmed a little more cold in its history. It is still here and remains strong despite its existence and influence on humans.

2. The polar bears have seen that the ice caps melt before and are still here. Okay, I admit, some of them have lost their lives on the road and they feel very uncomfortable with a piece of floating ice that has melted from the mainstream. - The sinking is not good but is not pursued by the lions, but the wildebeest do not complain too much

3. The earth moves away from the sun at the speed of the knot. This is a natural phenomenon and it will lead to global cooling rather than warming. That is why Mars is cold and Pluto is very, very cold. The earth will cool, it will happen.

4. Carbon dioxide is not the cause of global warming, and vice versa. Global warming causes the retention of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It's not good, but we have nothing to blame.

So let's stop whipping and start driving those big cars and fly around the world without being punished. Global warming is natural and we can stop hitting ourselves.

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