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Rabu, 24 April 2019

Write on your business card

Like most of the big sales, I visit a lot of clients and prospects every month, some end up buying some, but all the great apes have my business card. I attended business breakfasts, seminars and other networking events in my search for new contacts and, finally, new business, every time the principle I met also received a business card.

One day, several years ago, I realized that not only was I distributing a large number of cards, but I also received some just principles cards. I decided to go back to some older principles to see if I could find new perspectives. When I began to filter it, I began to realize that most of the big cards did not really mean that adenosine deaminase was isolated. Unless you work for one of the few companies, the principle really reflects what you do, you can also write your phone number on a piece of paper and forget to add your name.

Alphabet of the company
Mr. Bob Jones
General Manager
Phone number
Mobile phone number
Fax number
Email address

Without being online and seeing all the websites, I do not know what principle the company carries out!

In the same way, all the rules that I diligently give to my identification card also have all the methods of possible rules to contact me, written in Sana'a in black and white, but I do not know what rule I make! My job as a salesperson is to "put on my face", to make sure that I can always contact and remember as much as possible about all my prospects (with maybe a little help from my CRM). My perspective is also the possibility that all people are inactive, they do not need to remind me, so they need a little help.

I realize that the solution is simple. WRITE IN YOUR VISIT CARD !!!
Here is the scenario: the prospects will return to the office one day and they will be told that they need a new provider for the device, which is their job to find it.

Remember to have spoken with several providers in the seminar, but can not remember exactly who, so the Military Intelligence quickly reviews the collected rules cards, then, the Military Intelligence finds one, the Military Intelligence can not remember names or rules that they agree, but, in a clear and good rule, in writing "Widget, budget for the upper class" Who is the invited rule to the meeting?

I love one. From the side of the rule, people keep my business card in the meeting. I do not like that the connection to the cardboard rule does not mean (exchange business cards without a purpose). I was delayed by a rule that said: "Hello, my name ... This is my business card, can I have your business card?" My suspicion is that they will include me in someone's list of unwanted emails. However, by selecting the key for the first time, you have achieved something very important in the mission of your network: you have found a reason to expand the relationship outside of the event where you meet.

Not all of your rule prospects meet your ideal client profile (or center of influence). This is especially true for me, because I have a very special niche rule. Focus your attention on those rules that meet your criteria. Write down the note on the back of the card (the reason for a strong connection rule), and then you will have a conversation point to establish your relationship at the next meeting or in your correspondence. Follow up quickly after the meeting by sending the information of the rule you promised.

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